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I hate men

I use men, toy with them, get them wrapped up in me emotionally only to watch them crash afterwards. I find it amusing, I feel more women should do this. Men are garbage and need to be treated half as badly as they treat women. I am proud of the hearts I break, the pain I cause…my how the tides have turned.

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2 Responses to “I hate men”

  1. Issues Says:

    Wow, can we say issues. Just to bad you have to use others to make ur self feel better. Maybe one day when you grow up and stop blaming others for your own mistakes you might be happy and content with what you have and WHO you really are. Love it because in 10 more yrs prob 5 your views will be different and you will look back and feel really bad for what you did. Good luck hunnie sounds like you need it. P.S this is a proud strong women that is happy with herself and only treats others the way they treat me no matter what sex you are.

  2. truthteller Says:

    You sound like a full blown sociopath. Apparently about 4% of the population is to one degree or another and you obviously have a serious personality disorder. I am sure you do much damage to others besides just the men you fuck. It probably includes co- workers, relatives, friends, innocent strangers, children, etc. I can only hope you do not have children, btw. I hope some of your victims recognize you for what you are and run far away.

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