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I never cheated on you!

I have NEVER been unfaithful to you in anyway…EVER!

BODY, MIND, and SOUL. I made a promise to make your soul one with mine on the inside of our rings. I confess, I feel you needed a way out. But I’d never say that to your face in fear of hurting your feelings. Just like how you can’t actually say to my face that I’m not good enough. I left love to love you.

We built so much on sand..and you made promises to me you couldn’t keep. I confess not being with you has made me realize that there is a sadness so bad, you you try to kill it. Part of me is there..I know it is. But I hear “god”?…whatever that is out there..It’s getting louder and louder and makes me remember I can survive this horrible ravage on my heart…and yours.


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