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Seduced by a Gay Man when I was 16

This happened in the prairies. I want to get it off of my chest. I am in my 40s and have been in a long term relationship, good job, kids all of that. A typical middle class man who seems to be doing well but who has a secret he needs to get off of his chest.

I was 16. Very straight and I hung around with friends who were not gay or bi. As with most 16 year old males all I was interested in was girls. Although I am attractive in that girls have always fallen all over me, I was not seeing anyone, nor had I slept with a woman. That creates a lot of frustration. Not out of control, masturbation is a wonderful thing.

I was working at a retail store and was approached by a man who I would guess was in his late 30s or early 40s at the time. I had just turned 16. The man spent a lot of time with me asking me questions about the merchandise. I had no idea he was gay. I had no idea that he was scouting me out for seduction. I did not see anything coming. He ran a DJ business. He asked if I would like a job helping him setting up his equipment when he had gigs. I was very entrepreneurial and simply did not turn jobs down. I said I was interested and he took my name and number.

He called and asked me to come to his house for an interview. It was a little weird, although he was in his late 30s or early 40s, he lived in his parents’ basement. I went downstairs into his bedroom which was quite large, having 2 beds along a long wall and lots of space. No couches so you sat on a bed. Again, I was 16 and had no idea what was coming. Very naive. I don’t even remember talking about the job, although I got it (no kidding). He asked me if I know about what I think was the Forum section of Penthouse magazine which contains erotic stories. I did know and he pulled out some Penthouse magazines and had me read some particularly hot stories of men fucking women. All hot for me as I was into women. I also ended up looking at naked pictures of women in the magazines and was getting hornier and hornier which of course was his plan. I assume now that he knew how to seduce teenage boys. Get them really really horny by reading erotic stories of heterosexual sex and by looking at really hot naked women. Then use that sexual arousal.

I was getting hotter and hotter. My penis was really hard and uncomfortable in my pants. He was sitting on one bed, except for when he was bringing me a magazine to look at. I was sitting on another bed. Hang on I am taking a sip of wine as I need to be a bit buzzed to share this. That’s better. Once he got me to a high state of arousal, he asked if I had seen a person (I forget his name) who had a really large cock. I said no and he pulled out a magazine of men, probably a Playgirl but I can’t say now, with pictures of this guy with a cock that was like a foot and a half long non-erect. Indeed, there were no pics of him with an erection but that is not the point. Now this guy who is in the process of seducing me has me really aroused and looking at pictures of a naked man. Something I had never done. I am now looking at naked men with big cocks when I am super aroused. He then asked if I had ever had sex with a man. I had had the typical couple of adolescent encounters with male friends. A couple of blow jobs and one instance of anal sex. Years distant. I shared this now unbearably aroused which led him to his final question. Would I like to have sex with a man again. I did not even hesitate to say yes I was soooo very aroused. I mean my cock was throbbing I was so hot from the erotic stories and naked pictures. We both undressed. I remember thinking as I was pulling my pants down and then off, how hot I was feeling and that this seemed a little unreal.

He had me lay down on the bed, naked. He started running his hands over my body, my ass, my legs, hugging me, grabbing my cock. I had never cuddled anyone before or had foreplay. The few adolescent encounters were just down to it (blow job or the one anal – sorry there was some minimal caressing when an older friend took my ass the one time). Anyway, I found him grabbing me weird, foreign just because I had not experienced it before. I see now that from his perspective he was an unattractive older man (not kidding on unattractive bit) who had landed a catch, a really hot (no kidding I was the hot alpha male of my teenage peers – I am not embellishing for this confession), and was savoring it (me) before the finish.

After the touching and caressing which I was uncomfortable with, he guided me to suck his cock. Being that this is a confession, I was so hot and aroused that I was fully willing for him to put his cock into my ass and had gotten on all fours for him to do that. As it turned out this gay guy was not into anal sex, just oral, so he guided me to suck his cock. Confession – I would have liked at the time for him to give it to me up the ass, that is what I thought he meant by sex, but that was not what he was into. So he directed me to take his cock into my mouth while he laid on his back. I have a vivid memory of that. Before he came he told me he was coming and directed me to take my mouth off of his cock as he was worried about coming in my mouth due to my inexperience. I followed his direction and he came onto his stomach and chest. Then he had me lay on my back and he put his lips over my cock and started sucking.

It felt really good to have my cock in his mouth. I was so fucking aroused and hot and he gave good head and the orgasm was…can only be described as hot. It was a great release.

After I got dressed and left. I had been so conditioned to be homo-phobic that I felt very very guilty over what had happened. I blamed myself and put myself through a lot of guilt and grief at the time. Literally felt despondent. I did end up working for him but because of the guilt I made it clear I would not sleep with him again and I never did.

Until the past couple of years, I felt that I was to blame for what happened. It literally took me decades to understand that I was not to blame. I had been seduced by an older man who knew exactly what he was doing. He was the hunter. I was the prey. He had a successful hunt.

The odd thing is that now I am not bitter at all. Indeed, the memory is erotic for me. I am in a heterosexual relationship but find the memory of that gay seduction satisfying and arousing. I notice that not many people actually comment on stories posted on this site. If you found this interesting I really would like some feedback. On the one hand I now recognize that there is nothing wrong with sexual pleasure and that the man seducing me found me hot and simply wanted to have me. On the other hand, I did not see it coming, would not have gone there knowing he wanted to seduce me, and was the perfect seduction target in that I did not see any of it coming until after I had been seduced. I do not like power imbalance language but there certainly was an experience imbalance. He did not say he found me hot, was gay, and was intent on seducing me. He used employment as a pretext and got me naked and in bed before I knew what was happening. Is it wrong to know find that okay?

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7 Responses to “Seduced by a Gay Man when I was 16”

  1. MY Says:

    That was really really arousing to read….what a great seduction technique. Interesting how many links they created for this. Well I will comment. Stop the guilt. You are sexual. You can suppress this sexual fact. You can deny this sexual fact. You can play games where you are distracted from this sexual fact. What is clear from what you wrote is that you cannot change the sexual fact that you now find your complete seduction by this older man as hot. You wish you did not have to feel guilt. You wish you would have been free to pursue your gay side. I have no doubt when you say you like women. I imagine you fantasize about them. I imagine when you see a hot one during the day you automatically think of fucking them and being in love with them, because for you that makes the sex more erotic…, I have no doubt you are totally turned on by women and will need to continue to fuck them…..but your story tells me very very very clearly that you have a gay side that is as real as you hetro-sexual side. Go on and deny it but you crave gay sex. You can put it on the back burner but you know it will always be there…wanting to get out. \

    What you find so sexy about your actual seduction now, is that you appreciate that it was okay to have that gay experience. There was nothing wrong. You did not have to beat yourself up inside over it. It was okay. Yet, for you it was not okay which is why you really truly honest to god were seduced and did not see it coming. That is why your story is so hot. There is honesty there. You did not see it coming and were totally seduced, meaning you really could not say no. A form of rape really, but one we will not criminalize, nor should we.

    You see how hot it was for him to seduce you in that way. To think of how willing you were to read the Forum stories. That surely would make you hot. And then he would know you would be willing to look at the pictures of naked women. It is clear you are getting aroused by the several Forum stories you had him read. You saw his breathing change. He would not, could not say no to naked pictures of women…..and then he was looking at naked pictures of women and getting more and more aroused. His breathing is slow and deep. His pants are tight. You have him….you let him continue with the women pictures to get him hotter and hotter. To the point all men know well, were really, they cannot say no to sex. Any Sex! Now he is there…and you ask about whether he ever saw that guy with the huge cock….No you hadn’t….do you wanna see?….sure….that is long….Now he is looking at a naked man with a two foot cock…not erotic but he is looking at a naked man when you have him over the turn back arousal point….I know that all, yes all, males have homosexual experiences during adolescence. No exceptions. So you ask him if he ever had sex with a man…he does not know he is being seduced…he sees nothing of this…so he answers honestly…a couple of times…he has you tell about this because you know that him telling you will turn his arousal to his sex with men…his sex with men…that is now what he is thinking of when totally aroused…you have got him where you want him…thinking of his sex with men…and then you ask the final inevitable question in your complete seduction of him that he cannot see and will not see for years to come, that you had him all the way. That you were the sexual conqueror on this day. That you, the 39 or so old non attractive gay guy has landed and seduced an unbelievable once in a lifetime hot teen age boy, yes boy, who is now totally yours…to do as you please…indeed, he gets on all fours thinking that you want to fuck him up the ass…totally yours…and it is so hot to see that more than 10 of an ass..oh my god a once in a lifetime ass with his good looks and vibrant energy…and you have your dream…only you will not do him up the ass…because you want to deny him that…you even want to deny him your cum…the bit of control makes it sooo much sexier for your. It is the control mixed with the sex that makes it all so good.

    So you have him suck you but you will not come in his mouth. And then you suck him off. And then you are even a little cold to him. Knowing he will be even now conflicted and not even really knowing what is going on. You get dressed. You show him out the door. You spend the next month fantasizing about this incident…because it was so hot for you…you did not have to make anything up…it was totally hot…better than any fantasy…hmmmm…..and he can see now how hot it was for you…and he lives it through you…and he cannot fault you…wow…

  2. Notknown Says:

    That’s interesting, as something similar happened to me when I was 16 as well. I basically went to a boarding school, and I got taken by force by my roommate. You just inspired me to write my story!

  3. Anonomous Says:

    OMG that was hot. I also got seduced as a teenager and was conflicted. Felt bad for a long time…but like u find it hot now…wow that was a hot confession…made it real. Also liked the comments.

  4. illusion Says:

    I found the original post excessively hot…it was sooo honest. I found the first post hot as it turned it around to the perspective of the seducer. I found the other two posts where people had the same experience hot…. This is quite common and because we are still taught to be wary of the odd gay experience, we struggle when it happens. It happened to me just as the original post. I was seduced by an older guy and did not see it coming. It was super hot and erotic but after I felt guilty and wrestled with it. Now I realize that was silly. I am primarily into women but nothing wrong with the odd gay experience and I do not have to feel guilty about being seduced as a teenager…rather I can find it hot.

  5. get real Says:

    dude you are a homo

  6. Brad Says:

    That was quite a confession. I am conflicted as that could be my story. I has such a similar experience and now also do not regret it. Funny how that works…Wow…

  7. Ant Says:

    Found this a really interesting story to read.

    I had my first sexual experience at 17; it was with an older guy I met over a chat line.
    I had been on chatlines and texted guys since about the age of 16 but had never done anything sexual before. I found that a lot , indeed most, of the men that were on those chat lines were older men and, being a teenager, i got a lot of offers/attention. what i really wanted, of course, was a gorgeous, good looking hunk, a model typee for sex, and someone around my own age. i had soo many crushes on hot cute guys at my college, aged 17/18, and obviously all I seemed to think about was sex and more sex. But I found it difficult to express myself as bi, particular as I was shy and NOBODY knew. so i guessed, i forced through desperation to meet this older guy who id chatted to for a few months and was very keen to meet me. i was nervous as hell. he picked me up in his car one evening from a shopping centre and we drove to some quiet country lane. it was rhere , for rhe first time, that i had my first sexual emcounter, he leant over amd kissed me. we ended up wanking and sucking each other off. i got a real thrill from it, as i had done fantasising over being seduced by older men.
    We met again, almost a whole year later, and we went to the same spot, where he fucked me in the back of his car. It hurt at first, but I did really get into it. I can’t explain why, I just felt so aroused by it.
    however, in hindsight, i really regretted it. The fact that my first sexual experience was with a much older person felt, and still feels, somewhat wrong. ii shouldve been with someone my own age. dont get me wrong, he was a nice, educated guy , (not like a lot of the old pervs ypu get on those chatlines) , and he was okay- looking, but not amazing. it easnt the special experience i had wanted to have. over a chat line. In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t gone through with it

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