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Sex in the park of Prince George

One night my husband and I went up to the cut banks in Prince George that overlooked the city. We were kissing and the next thing I knew I had my pants off. I sat on top of a picnic table in a dark spot and he stood between my legs and pushed himself into me. I moaned with pleasure and begged him to push himself harder and harder. He then pulled me down off the table and I bent over the guard rail and he fucked me from behind. I heard some people in the distance but all I wanted was to feel his throbbing dick thrust into me. He came rather quickly. It was so passionate and forceful and I wanted more. So we moved to a different location. The moon was full and the light was bright there and we laid down on the ground and fucked again. I looked up to the moon and trees not caring who saw us. This time it took him a while to finish but it was hot nonetheless. Certainly this was not our last visit there. We also go try it out in different parks in Prince George.


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