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Confession of When My Sister Gave Me a Handjob

October 12th, 2014

My sister and I have always been close, as we are only one year a part in age. I guess that is why it never really struck me as weird that we did a lot of sexual experimenting as kids together. After all, don’t all young kids play around and play house and what not? She and I had always had our little games, from the time we were little kids. I would show her mine, she would show me hers, and it was really quite innocent. The thing is, usually as kids grow older these things stop and they realize it is wrong. With my sister and me, things were different.

When we became teens, I used to fantasize about her while masturbating. This I know was definitely weird but I could not help it. I was sexually attracted to my sister, and I had to deal with it everyday. I think she knew, and she would walk around the house in her little panties, change in front of me, and somehow in my mind, I thought maybe she was teasing me into doing more than what we had done as children. One night when we were home alone and I was studying for a test, she came into my room. When I looked up I almost fainted, as she was standing there completely naked. She smiled at me and asked me if I wanted to play around the way we used to.

I knew it was disgusting and wrong but she was so sexy, my cock was getting hard. She came over, sat next to me on the bed, and then unzipped my pants. She reached in and pulled my cock out, which was much different from the last time she had seen it. I was a man now, not a boy. She looked delighted and I didn’t know what was going to happen next but that is when my sister gave me a handjob. Everything in my head was telling me to stop and that it was wrong, but the more she stroked my cock, the less control I had. In an instant I was shouting, “I’m gonna cum” and  to my further surprise, she went down on me, put my cock in her mouth and swallowed every last bit of my cum.

Planned my own rape fantasy

October 7th, 2014

I’ve had a rape fantasy pretty much since I became sexually active when I was 18. I became involved in the BDSM lifestyle about the time I became sexually active. Most of my relationships have had some element of power play or at least rough/kinky sex with older men.

I recently started talking to a “friend” I met on Ashley Madison affair site in Vancouver. He is married, 19 years older than me but yet I find him attractive. I’m not sure how we got on the topic but I did share my rape fantasy with him. He seemed very curious as he is a dom but his wife wouldn’t participate into anything like that. We talked about it a lot. A few days later we got to talking about it over Ashley Madison chat and he asked me to share some details. So I did. I told him what my fantasy is, I told him how I want it to play out. After hearing all these, he said he’d be willing to work with me on this fantasy.

Here is the plan: He gave me three possible days (without telling me exactly what day) in which he’ll be waiting for me as well as a time I need to be home by. We’ve talked about do’s and don’ts. We’ve set up a safe word. We’ve agreed he can use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut off my clothing, but no blood. He’s going to gag me with my panties so I can still force the safe word out if I need to. Moderate forced oral is okay but if it goes well he will throat fuck me, but not to the point of puking. He’s allowed to tie my hands or use duct tape. Light face slapping, biting, hair pulling is allowed. Talking dirty like “little whore” or “dirty slut” was allowed. I’m allowed to put up an essentially fake fight, but if I genuinely hurt him in the process we will stop. He’s allowed to finish inside me since I’m on birth control. But he also had the option to finish on my face of body. That part will remain a surprise. After he finishes, he will leave.

Can’t wait for this to happen!

I have toe fetish

September 30th, 2014

I just love female feet and painted toe fetish … I even paint my own toes sometimes… Mostly I just like playing with myself looking at girls feet and toes … pictures … My toe fetish started with my first wife who would make me massage her feet and I would get excited and she made me play with myself in front of her… She had me paint her toes for her and I couldnt help getting excited. Once in a while if she was feeling really mean she would invite some girlfriends over and I had to service their feet too … She made me get naked in front of them also … for some reason it was really exciting to me and I had to play with myself in front of them too… I didnt care i kinda liked it and the girls just laughed at me… I didnt mind I was enjoying my self… Now I just mostly look at pics on the internet and jackoff… and I just love it… this toe fetish gives me an exhilarating feeling.

Wish I was not an escort

September 17th, 2014

I am 22 years old, and escorting to pay for my university and expenses. I started when I was 18, after my parents got divorced. My dad and I moved to Reno, Nevada from California. I stayed with him but he didn’t do anything to provide for me. I attended the University of Nevada. It was expensive. I had to find a way to survive. I lie to my boyfriend and people around me by saying that my parents give me monthly allowance but little did they knew that I am an escort! I throw tantrums and get angry on days I have to satisfy clients and my boyfriend thinks t that happens because I am a spoiled – selfish brat. My issues surface especially when I drink and I get depressed. Then I get violent. I don’t want sympathy from him or anyone, just understanding but I can never reveal this to him or confess to anyone about my secrets. I just want a normal boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with him with no lies. I dont think the relationship would last if I confess to my secret to my boyfriend. Who wants an escort to be their girlfriend? I want to share this secret and take this burden off my chest. After all, tomorrow will still come and I can’t face my clients with teary eyes. This is my first step of working towards accepting me and being happy. I wish I had other ways to provide for myself other than being an escort.

Car Sex at Pine Center Mall Parking Lot

September 14th, 2014

From the first day we started to chat I was attracted to her. She was 22 but we had instant fantasy chemistry. We chatted over the text for hours about social taboo and how we both wanted to explore our sexual fantasies. Right away we decided to act on a fantasy of “Sex in the Car.”

We discussed and planned on many different things but then decided that we will do it at the Pine Center Mall parking lot. We decided that I will pull next to her car, she will be in the back seat of the car and blindfolded waiting for me. When the time came, she went to the parking lot first. I pulled my car next to hear and texted her if she still wanted to go through this. She said yes. I then got out of my car, and got to the passenger side of her car and got into the back seat. There she was blindfolded – ready to serve. She is 95 pounds and probably less than 5 feet tall. Tiny and very sexy. I was stunned because her pictures I saw before didn’t do the justice. She is sexier in real-life.

I don’t remember exactly the entire experience but I remember I leaned her up against the backrest, unbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra. I ran my hands from her face down to her perky breasts and to her jeans zipper. I then undid her pants and started stroking her clit and pussy. I knew just where to touch her. She grabbed my hard cock inside my jeans. I unbuttoned my jeans and she pulled my pants down around my ankles. She dropped on the floor on her knees, grabbed my cock and started stroking it with her hand and tracing the tip with her tongue. Pretty soon the windows were all fogged up so no one could see in, but they would sure know something was going on. That just made it more exciting. She leaned back on back seat against the door, completely naked at this point and spread her legs wide open for me. She was so wet that I easily slipped in and began fucking her. I didn’t last long because I was so worked up. After that I used a toy that she had in her purse for few minutes. But then realized a car just pulled beside our car. We had to stop. After that I cleaned myself up – she was still blindfolded. Got out of the car and texted her back saying she can take the blind fold off now.

I then drove off.