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Swinger lifestyle in Prince George

January 20th, 2015

I have met recently met a guy on plenty of fish (pof) in Prince George. It was going very well for first few weeks. I thought sex was great and we were doing amazing in bed but all of a sudden now he wants to be a swinger and swap partners. We met a couple on ashleymadison and I tried it for the first time this weekend with him to please him and found it to be very exciting, but I was very nervous. After talking to him about the nervousness my new guy seems to feel that I should have sex with a man first while he watches. It will apparently help me deal with the swapping a little better. I am concerned that I may be going into this too fast, but on the other hand I may enjoy it. I love sex and I love sexual adventures but doing this for a guy from a dating site so fast seems kind of scary and fun at the same time. I am kind of lost. I talked to few friends of mine who said they have had sex with other guys while their partners watched and it’s a turn on for them and for their partners. I never thought I would consider becoming a swinger!

Love giving handjob and blowjob

January 12th, 2015

Handjob or blowjob is probably the first “sex act” a girl ever does and in reality, it’s about the safest sex you can have. A girl can also appreciate the power she holds, literally, in the palms of her hands or in her mouth after the act of handjob or blowjob. I personally love to make things a little more fun with some baby oil. I think most girls enjoy watching guys cum gush out because of her blowjob or handjob. For me it’s so empowering. I got to say, seeing a guy cum after a blowjob or a handjob that I gave is something that never gets old for me. It’s really amazing when I get to watch him tense up, toes curl up and screams, then unloads the cum. I get the satisfaction knowing its ALL because of me! I like to “edge” a guy for several hours and I guess being horny that long ups the cum production because that really does make a huge mess. I have a habit of leaning his cock towards me when I see him curling up his toes or telling me not to stop because he is going to cum. I love seeing a cock unloads it’s cum. Pointing and directing where the cum goes me is another hot thing for me.

Blowjob confession of a lingerie model

January 1st, 2015

I work in this “lingerie store” as a “lingerie model”; really it is the type of place that sells sex toys and sexy things, as well as lingerie of course. However, the main focus is the models. Gentlemen, if you wish to call them that, can come in and choose a model for a private session.

They are never supposed to have sexual encounters or touch the models, but they do jerk off while watching each piece modeled. I never really watch the guys when they jerk off as it is just a job and I get tipped well.

One day things changed a little bit when this man came in and pulled his penis out. I couldn’t help but watch as he stroked it, and the reason for this is that it was huge! I was getting really horny watching him and I had to hold myself back from breaking the law.

The only other time I wanted to do anything wrong, and did was when I gave my boss a blowjob. While it felt dirty and it turned me on, this was different. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to walk right over to this guy, pull my panties off and sit on that big cock, but I held myself back.

When I went in the back room, after all the other models had left, as it was my night to lock up, I started looking at the sex toys. I thought about the time I gave my boss a blowjob and remembered how small his penis had been in comparison.  I wanted to feel a big cock for once in my life and see why everyone made such a big deal over it.

They sell a product called realistic cock and it comes in different sizes. I had never had a big cock before and had only seen them in moves. I pulled the 12 inch toy off the wall and brought it to the bathroom. I stuck it to the wall with the little suction cup that is attached to the back of it and I pulled my panties down.

I knew that was going to be hard to get into me so I put a lot of lube on my pussy. I slowly got down on my hands and knees and back into that gigantic toy cock until it was buried deep inside of me. I never came so hard in my life. Now I know why they say size matters!

I regret I was an escort for six months

December 26th, 2014

I am 23 years old living in Portland, Oregon. I was an escort at 18 making 500-1500 a day depending on the time and what the client wanted. I only did it for 6 months but those 6 months were the lowest point of my life. I was kicked out of my house with no money, no places to live. I was desperate to get myself together and survive the real world. So I became an escort. I heard from my friends how escort lifestyle was fun and glamorous, but I had no idea how much I was hurting myself. I would get drunk or high before any “date” and would silently cry during the dirty deed. I would only think about the money. I hated how addicting the money was, but I just kept giving myself away to these dirty men who didn’t understand and didn’t care about what I me. I still cannot forgive myself for those few months of escorting and I don’t think I ever will. I regret everything about being an escort. I’m with my boyfriend now of 2 years and he has no idea what I’ve done and I could never tell him. What hurts me the most is how amazing he is and how much he loves me and how perfect he thinks I am. I completely disrespected myself and my body. I feel dirty all the time. I wish I was not an escort.

Tabooed sex – with my little sister

December 20th, 2014

I’ve been having sex with my little step-sister for years. I know its so tabooed in our society but that was the appeal of it. It started with me getting her naked in my room when she was about 18 to pose for me while I jerked off and came on her face or ass. I started touching and licking her not long after, and showed her how to give me blowjobs. This went on for a couple of months, before I started lubing my cock and having anal sex with her, while she rubbed her little pussy.

We were in collage at this point, and would have friends over regularly. One night a good friend was staying over and we were watching my sister for the night because my parents were out. He wanted to watch a porno he stole from his brother but I said I had something better and called my sister into my room. I told her to get naked and to play with herself for us. At first my friend was nervous, but when I put my cock in her mouth he started jerking off. I told my sister to suck my friend and she knelt on the floor and he started getting his first blowjob, from a 19 year old girl. He came in a few minutes, and I bent my sister over the couch and pushed my lubed cock into her tight ass. I pumped a few times to show my friend how fast to go and whst to do while he put some lube on his dick and then I pulled out so he could assfuck my little sister. I sat on the couch and moved her mouth onto my cock. We filled her for a few minutes before he blew his load across her back and I sprayed cum on her face.

We gave her a bath to clean her up, and my friend got his dick sucked again while she bathed. We did many other things with her since, but she’s 21 now and has a boyfriend so we don’t fuck as often.