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I want cuckold experience

September 1st, 2014

I have a fantasy of being a cuckold. I wish of becoming a complete cuckold – that is my fantasy. I dream of my woman would take control of everything including finances, sexual needs, social setting, and not giving me any satisfaction from any of the things hat make a marriage a successful marriage in a traditional sense. I want her to break the social taboos. I want her to bring other men home and making me watch, or having toys delivered that would only benefit her, or even cause pain or humiliation to me. I want to be an ultimate slave to her but I don’t know how. I hope I find a mentor to help me with that.

I taught blowjobs and handjobs while babysitting

September 1st, 2014

My Secret is that when I used to babysit, kids would trick me into giving them handjobs and blowjobs. I would go and join the kids in the shower to wash them up. It was innocent enough, kept my clothes dry, and I got clean myself. It was just me, a sweet little 13 year old blonde babysitter in the shower washing 11 years old boys … Until the word got to those horny 13 and older boys ;-) They would come over to the house I was babysitting. They would “trick” me into giving them handjobs, I would teach them how to make out, and in return they would let me practice giving blowjobs on them. I remember one boy used to bring his friend over and they used to take turns on me ;-) I don’t regret it and I wish I could still have that kind of forbidden fun.

Want to have a cuckold experience

August 31st, 2014

This is still a fantasy.  My girlfriend and I are both young, students at the University of Northern British Columbia and have been together for just over two years. About one year ago I admitted that it is a huge turn-on for me to think about watching the person I love be with someone else (guy or girl). It’s not about submission or humiliation but the thought that gets me really turned on. So far, I think, it’s about seeing her and being with her sexually after she has been with someone else. I think it will give me the feeling the she is a whole new girl after she has been with another guy or a girl. I think my fantasy is called cuckold experience?

She has entertained my sexual desires from time to time by emailing stories about previous guys she’s fucked. It really got me going and wanting her more and more… She has also told me about a story while we were in bed. We talk about going out to the bar and checking out some girls for the “consideration” of a threesome… I would like to know some real life experiences with getting your girlfriend/wife/partner to actually go through with such an experience. Especially in Prince George. It’s really hard to find likeminded people in here. But there has to be some couples who had done something like this or had cuckold experience. I’d love to see her with another girl but seeing her with another guy, I feel, would be much more lasting and intense as an experience. How would we go about finding a decent, clean and respectful guy for her to have sex with without the feelings involved? One that may be alright with me either watching or receiving a recordings or pictures of the act?

I used to be an escort while attending university

August 30th, 2014

My Secrets is that I was an escort while I went to North Dakota State University (NDSU) for about 2 years. I loved the thrill and the money. Aside from the money, I enjoyed the escapism of inventing and reinventing myself with each client. I could be whatever I wanted, if only for an hour or two, reflected through their eyes. I met with many nice guys and some couples. Some were not so nice, but I liked the experience of being an escort. I had no problems with any requests. I worked for a nice girl who also attended NDSU and ran an agency with her boyfriend and who was also my driver for outcalls, so things were relatively safe. I had a couple of run-ins with bad dates, but the vast majority of the clients were just looking for a warm body to blow off some esteem and someone to listen to them. I don’t regret it, and I would do it again and be an escort, if I ever found myself single again – it’s not something my husband would understand or want me to do.

Gave blowjob to my sister’s boyfriend

August 30th, 2014

He’s ten years older than I am. It started when my sister was at work on a Thursday, and we were watching movies. I wanted to tease him because he would tease me, innocently, by sucking on my ears.

So I just sort of grinded my elbow into him a few times. And I didn’t exactly stop. It progressed to hands, as well. We had to break for dinner, but afterwards I tried to get him back by rubbing his thighs.

And later, when he came, I asked him to finger it into my mouth. After the first time that it happened, he told me in the mornings when he slept over on our couch I could come down to him and fool around.

The first morning, I gave him a blowjob. First one I’ve ever given. And I let him snake his hands into my panties and finger me.

He broke our hooking up three days later because he felt guilty for cheating on my sister. But now, after staying strong on his guilt trip for about four days, he decided to tease me. I told him to stop, because I was sick and on my period, and he did kindly. And now it seems things are back to how they were.

I gave him another blow job, later on. I let him gag me, and finger me, and guide me. After he came, we hugged, he told me to get ready for school, and I stalked off. The part that I think is the weirdest is the fact that I’m the one who started this all. I’ve been a very, very willing volunteer, and I feel the most safe I’ve ever been. He’s never pressured me, he’s stopped when I’ve asked, and he is like a big teddy bear.

I don’t know why I keep doing this, but I had to get it off my chest. We’d both be in a world of hurt here if anyone found out.