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Masturbating For My Neighbor

October 10th, 2016

This is a fetish that’s been going on for a couple of years. I love masturbating. I can’t get enough of it. What I enjoy the most however, is masturbating outdoors with the sun shining upon my hard cock but I’m deathly afraid of being caught and ruining my life. At the same time, I’d love to be caught . . . by the right person.

My living room has a door facing the street. There’s one house a Rios the street but the people who live there are never home throughout the week so the chances of being caught diminish. The front of my house is quite secluded by trees so, you’d really have to be looking in order to see anything.

One day I was at home alone and was having a drink (which led to quite a few). I was completely naked, and had oiled up my cock quite nicely, it was s gorgeous sunny day so I had the front door wide open. I took a cigarette break and walked toward the door to ash my cigarette out, into the garden. Cigarette in one hand, cock in the other and out of the blue, a neighbor of ours walked by and I’m sure she saw everything!

I know this woman in a “neighborly way”: small talk stuff. Her daughter comes over all the time and is very close with our daughter. We’ve been neighbors for about six years.

Well, the next day I saw my neighbor and spoke with her. Nothing was said about the eyeful she caught and she was smiling as usual, alluding (to me anyway) no harm, no foul however . . . I can’t be 100 % certain so . . .

I know her schedule. Every weekday, she leaves for work (walking past our house) at a certain time. I needed to find out for sure if a) she saw me and b) if she approved. The first morning the suspense was killing me. I was so nervous but also horny as hell thinking about it but I needed to be very cautious. I got naked, oiled up and hard in anticipation. I opened the door as wide as possible and waited. From the living room I have a good view of the street and (if I’m paying attention) can tell when people are coming from the left and right of the house.

I decided that I’d better err on the side of caution and hid out of sight. I needed to be as sure as I could. Sure enough, she eventually came toward the house. I was shaking! I peeked out from behind the window as she walked. As she passed in front of our house she lifted her head (she walks staring g at the ground all the time) and looked directly at our front door! I took this to mean that she was hoping/expecting/wondering.

Anyway, this has gone on now for a couple of years and each time, I became more daring. Finally, on day I just threw all caution to the wind and sat back in chair naked, stroking my cock but I obscured my head so she’d think that I didn’t notice her. As she walked by, she looked (she usually does now) and as she looked I shit a huge load. I stood up to get one more glimpse of her as she passed our house and to my shock, she’d stopped on the sidewalk and was looking in the door. She could now she me (and I her) 100%!

Again, during our “neighborly chats” nothing about her behavior has changed so, to be honest, I don’t know if she enjoys our little game or whether she’s too embarrassed to bring it up. Maybe she thinks I’m a complete perv but you’d think she’d disallow her daughter from coming over to our house. I get the feeling that she knows I’m “okay”. After all, it’s been years now.

I’m a shy guy and a decent guy but I’d love to know what she really thinks and I’d love to put on a “real” show for her knowing that there wouldn’t be any severe consequences. I fantasize about her every time I masturbate! I can’t really put into words how invigoratingly horny thus makes me. I don’t want it to become aan affair. I’d like to keep it totally harmless fun.

Since this all began though, I must admit that I’ve been fantasizing about having other women watching me masturbate but I think I may have been blessed with my current situation and had better not press my luck.

Good sex makes love always much more beautiful

September 30th, 2016

I do not want to write long stories, I just want to write, my secret about ,,what i enjoy the most with my wife”, and you write and answer your personally opinions about everything. I have a free relationship with my wife. and we enjoy everything, only when we agree together, between us there is no cheating. My wife is not jealous if i fuck another woman, she likes to watch and enjoy together with us. My wife loves sometimes, when, i fuck another woman, that we together have control, me and my wife together, complete satisfaction of other women with: sucking, controlled biting, and licking nipples, gently stroked her whole body and especially, my wife enjoys at the time when i fuck this woman, to licking her clitoris, and in such a way we have together of these women a maximum control from satisfaction of her restless body, i also like when other women do the same with me and my wife.

I enjoy also very much when i watch, my wife as she sucks cock from another man. because she knows how to do this so gently and beautifully. I like much more when she fucks another man. I’m then very curious and proud of my wife. She do this far the best, and so well, that my wife can never disappoint me as a lover with another man. She would always for me fuck, every other man, the best way she can. When she fucks another man, her lithe body twists so nice, she moves then so nice, She loves and enjoys to takes full control of pleasure, i constantly enjoy with my wife, not only sex, but also in many other different way. I believe every man would love to have such a woman, that he loves and trust. Woman who can fully trust in everything and anything, We have big love, and trust. We have a beautiful life, good sex, and many of our sweet secret. Let everyone enjoy their life in their own way.

Fingering my cousin and jerking off afterwards

September 25th, 2016

So my cousin (female) and I (male) were staying at our grandparents’ house on the same night. This has been around 3 years ago, I was 13 and she was 14. She was a mature girl even back then. Her boobs were of average size with perfectly round shape, and she had a big and shapely ass. She was naturally blonde and wore glasses, and had an hourglass figure. Some of the very first fantasies I remember having were with her. So it was getting late and we go and lay in the bed. We lay so her head is on one end and mine on the other end, and we are sort of laying at each others feet. She is wearing thin little short shorts tonight, and after laying there for a while with my hand on her thigh, I began to get very hard. I pretended I was asleep (although she very well knew I wasn’t) and began to run my hand up her leg. I worked my hand into her shorts leg and into her panties. I could feel her pussy, and she hadn’t said anything to me yet, so I started to stick my finger in and out of her. I stopped after about 5 minutes of that. When I stopped she got up and went to the other bed in the other room (I think I freaked her out a little bit, because I’m pretty sure she wasn’t entirely willing). So I layed there the rest of the night and managed to fall asleep, without finishing myself off. The next morning I woke up and went to her room. She was asleep, and I could see the edge of her bra under the tank top she was wearing. I pulled my dick out and began to jerk off to her sleeping face, and after a few minutes I took my other hand and played with one of her breasts. I had to be careful as to not wake her up. I came in the trash can next to her bed just before she woke up and made my escape. The orgasm was absolutely mind blowing.

Confessions Of A Adult Entertainer in Prince George

September 5th, 2016

I have been in the adult work since I was 18. By adult work I mean an adult entertainer (escort). I started as a sugar baby. I was enjoying being a sugar baby of a generous old man. Then I came across backpage and became a escort. The thrill of earning quick money was just intense and something I couldn’t control. I’ve been an escort now for almost 5 years!

On top of that I’m a cam girl and get asked to do porn all the time! I cam online by the minute. This is very safe way to entertain clients. However, my mother’s side of the family found out I cam. They were furious with me and cut of me off from them!

It’s hardworking but when clients are nice its worth it. But most clients in this town are cheap and don’t want to treat well. Hoping to find more people.

Glory hole experience in Vancouver

September 5th, 2016

I live in Prince George and I’m a 25 year old straight male. Recently I was down in Vancouver visiting some friends and we had a great time visiting the bars and pubs until everyone decided to call it a night. I was pretty drunk however, so I had other plans. I was in a different city and feeling alive, so I decided at that point that I needed to get laid.

I said I was going to head back to another pub where I was talking to a few cute girls, but after they left, I realized I was way too drunk to know where I was going. I dropped into a few places for some drinks along my journey and realized that I had made it to Davie St. I soon walked by an adult entertainment store and decided to go have a look.

A quick tour of the place revealed some booths in the back with tv screens mounted in the booth. A sign said that for a few bucks I could purchase tokens to show pornography on the screen. This was a new experience for me so I was definitely going to . I got my tokens and headed back to the farthest booth. Some booths were occupied by single men. In some booths I could see two men, giving each other blowjobs. I knew what I was there for. It wasn’t exactly going to be my first experience with another guy, but it’s not something I make a habit out of. But this was Vancouver and I was pretty nervous about hopping into a strangers booth, despite how drunk I was.

I got into my booth, left the door open, fumbled for the tokens and watched a few seconds of porn before the screen went black. I lowered my pants and began slowly jerking my cock before sliding more tokens into the screen. The screen lit up again and an older man appeared at the door. I asked him if he wanted to come in. He looked at me with my cock in my hand and said, “no, I only come here to watch. Is that okay?” I said yes and kept jerking my cock, getting harder.

The booths were attached to each other and I had failed to notice the holes cut into the wall until the moment a large circumsized cock slid through the hole, into my booth. The older man asked if I was going to suck it. I bent down and jerked my cock as I gave this stranger a blowjob, slowly at first, but then impatiently deep throating him, thinking about how hot I thought this was at the time.

His cock slid out of the hole and I felt a little disappointed until I realized he had left his booth to come visit mine. He was nicely dressed, late 40s. I got up from my seat and offered it to him. He sat down and I continued to blow him until he came in my mouth, stood up, pulled up his pants and left. The older man was still watching as another man peeked around the corner and saw me wiping my mouth, pants still around my ankles, on my knees in the booth. He didn’t ask permission, but sat in the same seat, pulled his pants all the way off and hung them up, which I still think was weird. I started to suck his cock, which was much smaller, so my head was being pushed into his gut. It became pretty clear that neither of us were enjoy this. Without a word he got up and left.

I got back on the seat and continued jerking off while talking to the older man who was still watching. I was talking about how bored I was now and he suggested I put my cock through the gloryhole and see if anyone was on the other side. I slid my cock through and was quickly met with a mouth. After a few minutes of blowing, the mouth was gone. I heard his booth open, he came to mine and bent over in front of the screen. He was clearly ready to fuck, as he was already very wet and I slid my cock inside him easily. As I said, I had a lot to drink and I wasn’t feeling much so I was going pretty hard. Again, without a word, he stood up, left my booth and my older man watcher said he got in with another guy. I thought that was kind of hot, but I immediately felt disgusting for not wearing a condom.

Anyway that was the end of the action for a while so I packed up and was about to leave until I noticed the larger booths across the hall. You could actually lay down in these ones. I decided to give them a try. It wasn’t long before a middle eastern guy in his 20s joined me. We 69ed for what seemed like an impossibly long time until I came. By the end he had to fuck my mouth because my jaw felt so sore.

Once I came I felt really gross about the entire experience. My haze was over and I had sobered up a bit. I was in t here for a couple of hours. I immediately got up and dressed. I heard the brown guy mutter a sad “heyyy…”. I felt bad for not finishing him but I was done.

I left and quickly found a cab.

I still think about it sometimes, but I like women more.