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First time with another boy

This happened when I was younger. There was this really good looking blond boy who all of the girls were wild about. He lived close to where I did, and we sort of knew each other because of that. One day, having nothing else to do, the two of us decided to go up to this wooded area not too far from where we lived. There was this small creek, and it was summer and quite warm. We took our shoes off to put our feet into the water.

While we were sitting there, he remarked on how good it would feel to take our clothes off, poitning out that there was nobody around to see us. I agreed, so we took our clothes off and got naked. It did feel good and it was daring and fun doing that. As we sat there, he started to get an erection. His penis became stiff and stuck up, quite large and pink. He just grinned modestly and I did too, and I started to get an erection, as well. Since there was nobody around, it was fun getting hard together. He reached over to feel mine, so I felt his. It was exciting actually getting to feel another guy’s hard dick, and I didn’t mind his hand being on mine. So we played around with each other a little and we did some friendly naked hugs. Then he got behind me and started rubbing his hard dick between my buns. I laughed. The next thing I knew, he was putting some saliva on the end of his boner, and then I felt him pushing the swollen tip against my butt hole and actually going in a little ways. He began jabbing at me, and I didn’t quite know what to do, only the sensation was making my boner enormously stiff, I can tell you! Then he grunted and ejaculated in me. I was masturbating my erection and that made me come.

Afterwards, he just laughed and said how good that had felt. I was kind of put out, because basically I had just been raped. After I went home, still feeling a little tender, I thought about it and it started gettingme turned on, and I jacked off. I got together with him a number more times that summer, but a little more prepared and enjoyed our friendship.

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