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Craddle robbing cougar and proud of it!

I am 46 years old and dating a 21 year old boy. I once went to this bar and met up with him. He seemed mature for his age. The night we had was great. I didn’t realize he was that young till the next day. Its been going good since then. He has lots of energy to satisfy me. I taught him what I like and what I dont like and he is a fast and quick learner. Its very hot. The secret part is i have a son who is 22 and he doesn’t know about it. My friends call me craddle robber or cougar but I take pride in this. Why should only men be allowed to date younger girls?

I know it will never get serious. He will grow out of it and till then I am having my fun. We went to Prince George together to spend the weekend together. His friends dont know about us either. Another funny thing is his mom is my friend! Quesnel is such a small town if they find out about this it will be very bad. Please keep it a secret.


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