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I heard my mom having sex with her date!

I am 21 year old female who lives with her Mom in Prince George. My secret is that I am very voyeuristic by nature but the story I am going to share is hot and is about my mom. My mom is in her mid 40’s, she has been divorced for 6 years. She meets younger men often from different dating sites like Ashley Madison, Plenty of Fish and few other dating sites (She never told me I just spy on her). Even though she meets all these guys she rarely brings them home or so I thought. On the day of this event, I had gone to my boyfriend’s house up at the hart where I was supposed to spend the night, but we had a fight and I left at approximately 2 in the morning to go home.

I arrived at about 2:20 am and noticed a car in driveway, and then I realized Mom had company. I quietly snuck into the house through the back door, figuring they were asleep. My bedroom is two rooms over from my mom’s room. I chose to go right to sleep, being tired and upset from the fight with my boyfriend.

After about 5 minutes or so I heard a banging noise, I thought it may have been my boyfriend at the door, so I went to check. No one was there. As I walked back to my room I heard it again and that’s when I realized, it was MOM. As I walked close to her room, it got intermittent but louder, so I snuck into bathroom close to mom’s room to listen.

My mom’s bed is against an outside wall, as I put my ear to the wall I could hear her bed squeaking, with an occasional bump against the wall. I listened for 10 min or so could hear muffled voices and squeaking. I was, of course, getting hot myself from it all. After a bit, I hear what I thought was him say ” it’s all over” , I realized 10 seconds later, he said ” Turn over”. Suddenly they began to fuck really hard; I could hear skin slapping and the headboard pounding off the wall. He was calling my mom dirty names but she responded to it all. They’re voices got louder “Harder” I heard mom say. I was soaking wet. Suddenly he ramped it up. I could hear her say, “yesss yesssss yessss.” The skin slapping and headboard banging got louder and louder. So did mom. “Yes … baby … do it, fuck me” she said “OH YES FUCK ME HARD” this went on for 10 more minutes until I heard him groan and all went quiet. I called my boyfriend and said I am coming over. I need to reenact what I just heard and experienced. My boy friend and I had sex and it was great. Since then every time I would go stay with my boyfriend I would just drive by to see if there was anyone else. There were but I didn’t hear much from those guys.

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