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My wife with another man, a fantasy that started it all

Like everyone else who has wanted the wife to get it on with another man, it all started by talking about it when we were drunk and in bed having sex like hell. One day she whispered in my ear if I would really like it if she got laid by another man, I replied YES! Next day she created profile on Ashley Madison in Vancouver as a single girl. She met some people through it and then told everyone that she was not single by introducing me. We told everyone that it was our fantasy. We met few couples and guys right away that way. After chatting with one guy she decided to meet with a guy at Doolin’s pub on Friday.

On Friday she prepared to go out, when she left she looked at me and with a big smile said expects a phone call. My heart went in my throat, but I told her I couldn’t wait. I went on Ashley Madison and checked out the guy’s profile again. Then I thought she was just playing with me. Well about 10:00 the phone rang, it was my wife, she was a little drunk but very clear on what she wanted to do, but need to know if I was OK with it. I said yes. She was already in her car on the cell phone, she described the man and how turned on she was, she was meeting him at a parking lot just down from the house, she said she was almost there and he was following her as we spoke. She said she would leave the phone under the seat so I could hear the whole thing! It wasn’t long and I heard the car door slam and he got in, I could hear everything, he was saying how long he had wanted her, how sexy she was, and the whole thing. Then things got really hot, I could hear them taking off clothes, zippers, shoes everything.

He told her that he would be gentle and wouldn’t hurt her, she said back to him I have never been with a man like you and I don’t know if she could take it (later I found out it was because he was very big!), he said let’s try and if he couldn’t get it in he would stop, she agreed. By now I am shaking, and turned on like never before! I hear him trying to get it in her; she is really screaming and moaning with pleasure! I heard her saying that’s all I could take and he said OK. In about 2 minutes I hear him release and then say I’m sorry if I hurt you, she said she was OK. I heard him get dressed and leave. She picked up the phone and said I am coming home.

Since this has happened she has told me the story over and over again. She said she would not let him fuck her again because he did hurt her when he came. We are now looking for our new encounter. We have created multiple profiles as couples on different dating sites and chatting with different people from Ashley Madison. We are thinking of traveling to Prince George, Quesnel, Vanderhoof or even to Fort St. John. I am now waiting for the next time, so I can watch in person.

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