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Plenty of Fish – full of self proclaimed great catches!

I joined Plenty of Fish in Prince George two weeks ago, just to give it a try. Wow, what an experience that was! I agree with everyone, POF is really bad filled with egoistic, depressed, unrealistic, devious, looser females. After I joined I did what everybody does and messaged all the attractive women but to my dismay I had ZERO replies. Then I started messaging some of the ‘dogs’ hoping and to the people with no pictures. I thought they would be at least grateful that some guy was writing to them. I sent over fifty messages, and received just two replies. I had told both that she had a nice profile and I would like to get to know her more over a chat. One of them replied by saying I am butt ugly and I should die. Other one said I am not what she was looking for even though both of our profiles were saying, “looking for long term relationship.” I was furious with caution, tried to reply with an insult to both of them, but both of them did the cowardly thing and had blocked me already. I reported them, but I don’t expect they’ll terminate her account because I still see them online. I terminated mine though. POF is a great idea but full of underachieved overpriced women. Just look at their education … most say they are graduate degree holder but I bet they even don’t know what graduate degree is! Only join POF if you just have time to waste.


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6 Responses to “Plenty of Fish – full of self proclaimed great catches!”

  1. Scissor Runner Says:

    Maybe it’s not them that are the egotistical ones…no women want to be made to feel like “dogs” that are grateful that you are throwing them a bone. No woman wants to feel like last choice. Maybe your approach is off…

  2. Rick Says:

    Seriously you just didn’t say that! What kind of self righteous comment is that? How the hell would you know a guy was NOT throwing a bone or making you the last option if you dont even open an email or dont have the decency to reply. You want guys to fall all over you but you dont want to take the chance rather put the guys down.

    I have a wild guess … you are on Plenty of Fish for a LONG time and just love to put guys down or read and delete their emails!

    I also dont see the point that you are making regarding the post. Have you read the post?

  3. jim Says:

    That site it shit, it should be called POS Plenty of Single Moms. Its just a ton of single mothers who work in retail or as hairdressers and are getting no money from their baby daddy so they are desperately clawing for any guy who might pick them up. I like the ones who fall into this category but try to pretend like they still have an attitude and that a guy needs to work for them, those profiles make me lol

  4. Shawn Says:

    Jim, couldn’t have agreed with you more. I went on few dates but let me tell ya, I really think all the women on POF specially the once in Prince George are only go out with you for the free food on date. I can’t find any other reasons why most women are on that site months after months with multiple profiles!

  5. Scissor Runner Says:

    Actually RICK, I am overweight so many guys think they are better than me. I send out tons of emails ALL THE TIME and I GET NO REPLIES. So you think I don’t know what he is talking about?? I KNOW what he is talking about. Did YOU actually read it? Talking about even the “dogs” don’t respond?? And yeah I HAVE been on POF for a long time. But not to read emails and put men down. To try and find someone that will actually give a damn about me. And no I am not a single mom, and not looking for a free meal ticket. I make my own money. I may not be rich, but I don’t look for anything from anyone else. Just looking for a guy that may look past my looks to my personality. And I have lots of single friends that are like me. Not skinny or beautiful and overlooked, or messaged for sex every 2 seconds because they think that we can’t get any.

  6. my-secrets-ca-admin Says:

    OK everyone, I appreciate the dialogue but please, do not personally attack each other. You can be constructive but please be respectful to each other.

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