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Revenge of a crazy chick, when I was going to Kelly Road Secondary School (KRSS) in Prince George

I have so many secrets to share don’t know where to begin! This is one of those crazy secrets no one knows of. One day when I had a really bad day at school (I can’t remember what happened but everything was just pissing me off. Most likely someone was bullying me). To take my revenge on everyone, on my way out of the toilet I took few paper towels, rolled it up like a stick, soaked it into un-flushed toilet water (I took a dump first of course) and then wiped it all over the door handles. After that I was went few more times just to see who was using the toilet. It was sweet revenge on whatever I was mad about that day. I was 13 at the time but now I am 22. Oh and I was going to Kelly Road Secondary School and then moved to Prince George Secondary School. I was a crazy bitch but you would never know. To everyone else I was one of the coolest chicks.


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